Got Used Oil?

We’ll Pick It Up.

Simply give us a call and we’ll pick it up.


Need Heating Oil?

We’ll Supply It.

Eco-MaxxTM is now offering three different billing options for the collection of used oil, antifreeze and oil filters. Whether you own a one-stall garage or a dealership your used oil and related recyclable material will vary widely.  One “Stop Fee” or charge may not be a great fit for you. Your Eco-Maxx sales rep can explain the details of the following:

  1. Charge Per Gallon:  Charge 30 to 60 cents per gallon to collect your used oil.
  2. Stop Fee:  Charge $45 to $75 every time they stop and collect your used oil.
  3. Monthly Fee*:  Charge a flat monthly fee to pay for unlimited used oil pickups.

*Oil Filters can either be charged by the drum or be included in the monthly environmental fee.